About mei

Mary Edith Ingraham has been writing and debugging software for over 30 years. It's the details which distinguish good code from a bug, good architecture from spaghetti. We like the former in both cases.

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Mary Edith specializes in back-end coding and Drupal module development. Recent projects include:

  • Architected and built Project Delivery Review for San Francisco Department of Technology (drupal 8). On this site, the city conducts regular evaluations of all contractors who work for the city.
  • Reorganization of Directions on Microsoft's 13,000 pieces of content into a deep-taxonomy-based new site serving users content addressing their interests. (drupal 7)
  • Immigrant Support website enhancements for San Francisco Digital Services Office and Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA) (drupal 8). Implementing multilingual capability for this site. (not yet live)
  • Currently developing Yiddish/English site for UCSC's Minhag Archive site. (drupal 7 - not yet live)
  • Office of Short Term Rentals website for San Francisco Department of Technology (drupal 8).
  • Point Lobos Docents calendar scheduler. This custom scheduler allows docents to schedule shifts, claim recurring monthly shifts, receive email reminders. Recently upgraded from Drupal 6 to 8.
  • California Sustainability Alliance website maintenance and migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8.
  • mei Muffins website. (drupal 8).
  • This website, maryedith.com. (drupal 8)
  • Outdoor Science Exploration/Classroom Science Fun website. (drupal 7)
  • TimeBank Santa Cruz website. (drupal 7)
  • The Velvetwire Webstore, a Drupal Commerce store featuring a bundled product, or 'kit'. The kit price varies according to included items. Unfortunately this powerful store is no longer active.
  • Custom calendar schedule for Point Lobos Docents.
  • Drupal Internationalization projects for Marker Seven. We configured 7 languages in 4 domains for a multinational corporate site.
  • Custom modules and configuration of Zicasso Handcrafted Travel for Hook 42.
  • International upgrade of Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for Hook 42. We added a Canadian French site.
  • coded Drupal blocks, views, and content types for Crossfit Games site.
  • Drupal module updating K-Swiss.com's catalog with a daily feed of XML data.
  • Migration of user data including forum entries and comments for Cloud.com.
  • Drupal module communicating with a SOAP server to display Alcatel Lucent users' Api Keys.
  • SimpleTest Suite of CEERN REST Server API.
  • Teacher mentor/mentee matching for New Teacher Center's e-Mentoring site.
  • Survey participant role management and reporting at accp.newteachercenter.org.
  • User migration to Drupal and fitness trainer matching algorithm for smashfit.com.
  • Custom php scripts for a WordPress site: RitualCleanse.
  • FoxyCart programming. Storing and using the data in FoxyCart's datafeed of transaction details.
  • MailChimp programming. MailChimp API allows programmatic creation and manipulation of Mailing Lists and Email Campaigns.

Please contact Mary Edith for more information.